Review of “The Bridesmaid” by Beverly Lewis (not completed the book yet so only a partial)


Beverly Lewis may be a terrific storyteller but The Bridesmaid has not lived up to The Fiddler at all in my opinion. I’ve only gotten to page 149 and I just can get any further.

I have a lot of trouble believing that a young Amish girl would behave the way Cora does (the Amish are just so different from us) and I refuse to believe that Amish parents would allow it.

The story is a bit of a let-down in other areas as well. Where The Fiddler moved a little too quickly for me at times, The Bridesmaid drags…a lot.

I have had to set it aside for now. Hopefully, I can pick it back up soon and finish it. I do hate to leave stories unfinished.

If this sounds like a story you would enjoy, you can go HERE to read more about it.

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