Amish Fiction: A general review


I’ve recently begun reading Amish fiction (not just because it’s popular. It’s about all you can find now that’s decent. Plus I truly enjoy reading about a life that is simpler and yet so much more complex in many ways) and I just have to say that, overall, I am enjoying them more than I ever could have expected.

However, (you knew it was coming, right? Keep reading… trust me) I do wish people would stop trying to make them out to be just like us. I know why they do it but its very unrealistic and unbelievable. Don’t these authors realize that the Amish are NOT like us?

Maybe they don’t. Or maybe it’s just too difficult to write so in-depth about something you really can’t understand.

The bottom line is, we are different – very different! And I really wish authors would try to understand this. I know books sell better if there is sex (even the hint of it) or drama but, if that’s all you can write, please write about us English and leave the Amish alone. They can not/will not defend themselves and I can not stand to see them disrespected this way!

And if you are a fan (a REAL fan) of Amish fiction, then you should take a Stand with me!

Don’t read anymore “Amish” fiction unless it really is true to the Amish lifestyle. Don’t settle for “Amish on the surface only”!

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God Bless You!

2 thoughts on “Amish Fiction: A general review

  1. Maybe there could be a more scandalous sub-genre called “Mennonite fiction?” Just kidding, I was just down in Ohio Amish country last week. Beautiful country and beautiful people–I don’t fully understand their faith but I respect it.


    1. The Mennonite are sometimes scandalous by comparison. But most of them are still so different from us.
      We are planning a trip ourselves soon. So peaceful.


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