Review of “Almost Amish” By: Kathryn Cushman


This was such a wonderful read. And so believable.

I will admit that I wanted to strangle a certain character more than once (you’ll know who I mean) but her behavior was very true to life so, while I was annoyed, I was also applauding at how well-written it all was.

What a great idea you’ve had. Our world has become such a fast-paced rat race and we all need to slow down. I love how the characters here discover that, each in their own way.

This was such a wonderful read.

This book is so realistic, it makes me feel more like it was a journal someone kept during such an experience that was later transcribed into story form. It’s that real.

The character development is excellent. The plot moves nicely without a lot of bumps or false starts. (At times I almost felt like it was moving too fast but that was probably more my excitement to get to the next part!)

I had to have it!

I checked this book out from the library (an eBook actually) but it was such a wonderful story, I had to have it so I bought a copy!

I recommend this novel to everyone!

Bravo Kathryn Cushman. I will be seeking out more of your wonderful novels.

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