Things I have learned about reading, about life, about me Part 1 of 3


I am a reader, I am a writer, I am a teacher. But before all of these things, I am a mother. And being a mother is something that affects all of these things.

Would you like to know how?

I am doing this blog post a little differently. The following article is broken up into three parts. I will be posting it on my three different blogs since each part of it belong with the specific interests covered in that blog. It will make more sense if you read it in order but fee free to read it however you like.

And now: Things I have learned Part 1

Years ago, in a small Christian school, I learned about something called speed-reading. I also learned that it was something I did well β€” a little too well for some people. Reading has always been something I enjoy, something I do for fun. When other students were groaning about reading stories in English class, I didn’t hear them because I had already immersed myself in the world of that story.

It is true that when you do something a lot, you get better at it, you get faster at it. This was true for me in both ways. As a young woman, I could devour a full-length novel in an hour or two. I dove so deep into those words that the outside world ceased to exist for me. I was in the story and it would take a tremendous effort to drag me back out.

As I grew up and found other things to occupy my time, reading was less easy to sink into at a whim. I had school and I had to work β€” to make money. And the older I grew, the more difficult school became.

For a time, reading was less a joy and more a necessity.

After college, I became a mother. For a long time after that, the only reading I did was food labels and instructions for putting together toys and baby furniture. Eventually I was able to find time for reading again, in small doses (I’ll take whatever I can get). With motherhood, I had to find a new way to read, a new way to explore those worlds. I no longer had the luxury of sinking into a story and tuning out the rest of the world. I had one child and then two who might need me at any given moment. I began exploring bedtime reading. I discovered very quickly that I can exist on little or no sleep. So I used the late hours as reading time. Why would I sleep when I could read!

I am not someone who will quickly choose a movie over a book. I can see the world in my head. Why would I NEED to see it on a screen?

Especially when they get it wrong so often.

Not too long ago, a good friend turned me onto Amish fiction and I am so glad she did. I enjoy it like I never thought I could. Who would think reading about the Amish would be so wonderful and exciting? Aren’t the Amish boring? Their lives consist of praying, working and behaving . . . right? Wrong. There is so much area inside and outside of those three things that we never consider. But trust me when I say, whether they are like us or not, they are immensely interesting and exciting!

And I find it so ironic that now, I have a new challenge that threatens my love of reading.

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