Review of “The Winnowing Season” by Cindy Woodsmall

Oh my gosh! How do I explain how amazing this book is without giving too much away!

What a powerful story!

Book two - The Winnowing Season

Back when I started reading the first book in this series: “A Season for Tending”, I wasn’t even sure I liked it. I am beyond glad that I gave it the benefit of the doubt and kept going! WOW! What a powerful story!

When reading “A Season for Tending”, it took me almost a week to finish it (no I’m not a slow reader just . . . you know, life). Did NOT have that problem with “The Winnowing Season”.

Looking back, I’m not sure if it’s because I was so intrigued by the story by the time I got to book 2 or if I moved quicker because I was already familiar with the major players or if it was more that I had momentum and pushed myself to finish so I could get to book 3!

Both books were equally well-written, exceptionally well, truth be told!

One thing I do know . . . I know it wasn’t because the story was better. Don’t get me wrong . . . “The Winnowing Season” was written exceptionally well but so was “A Season for Tending”! Both books were equally well-written, exceptionally well, truth be told.

This series has held me captivated.

Cindy Woodsmall has opened a door into a wonderful world and I am thrilled to have found it and walked through! So far, both novels in this series have held me captivated. The characters are amazingly real and, despite my earlier misgivings about how “Amish” they really were, they are such good, honest, heartwarming people. It makes me long for the kind of community they have. Some days it almost makes me want to consider “going Amish”.

Some days it almost makes me consider
“going Amish”.

But that’s probably why these novels are so popular in today’s culture. We may have Internet, iChat, satellite radio, television, movies, cell-phones and texting but we, as a society are very lonely people. We reach out in all the wrong ways and this wonderful new genre of literature has made us aware of something that is lacking in most of our lives. To have that kind of community, togetherness, support and love. It’s an amazing idea and it’s wonderful to be able to step into that world. . . even for a little while!

Cindy Woodsmall achieves that. There are many authors of Amish fiction and Christian fiction and Inspirational fiction but only a handful of them actually succeed in truly making a person feel like they are “in the world” like Cindy Woodsmall does!

BRAVO Cindy! Another triumph!

OK! I’m off to read book 3 now!

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