Review of “Forgiven” by Shelley Shepard Gray

9780061474477Another well-written novel in this wonderful series. “Forgiven” is the third and (I thought…last) in Shelley Shepard Gray’s Sisters of the Heart series.

This book deals mostly with Winnie; sister to Jonathan Lundy and friend to Katie (Brenneman). If you read book 2: “Wanted”, you’ll know Winnie has had some difficulties finding the right man to complete her life.

Oh, if only more young people would wait on God to bring the right person into their life… I guarantee you, he has someone for all of us. We just don’t always listen to him when he tries to steer us in their direction.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you how everything turns out. Read it and see for yourself!

And I’m so excited to discover there is a special Christmas novel that Shelley Shepard Gray has also written for this series!





Shelley is definitely one of my new favorite authors!

BRAVO Shelley for tackling some very tough issues in this series and writing beautifully about each one! These are difficult things to write about and you have definitely found the way to do it right!


Her stories draw you in and make you feel like part of them.

She is an amazing writer. Her worlds are thorough and realistic. It’s difficult to believe her characters are fictional and the stories draw you in and make you feel like you are a part of them.

Don’t miss a single one of her books!

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And you can read more about Shelley Shepard Gray and her wonderful stories on her website HERE!

Happy Reading!

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God Bless You!