“Chasing Hope” by Kathryn Cushman

Let me just say, this was not at all what I expected. And it’s not at all my normal read. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Chasing HopeMy review is going to be a bit incomplete because apparently titles expire when you get them through NetGalley.

I wish I had realized that before I agreed to review the book but there’s nothing I can do about it now.

And I’m not someone who says they’ll do something and then backs down over a bit of difficulty. So here we go.

Before I go into too many details, a few words from Bethany House

A Touching Story of Two Unlikely Friends.
The Power of Trust.
The Struggle of Pain.
And How, Sometimes, Following God Can Lead You to the Most Unexpected Places.

A talented runner determined to make the Olympics, Sabrina Rice had her dreams shattered by a devastating diagnosis. One forfeited scholarship and several years later, she’s forged a new vision for her future that has nothing to do with running, which she’s buried deep, intent on forgetting…

Until the day she sees Brandy Philip running across the college campus, easily outpacing security. Sabrina immediately recognizes world class potential, and it’s all the more painful that it belongs to a troublemaking teen. When a chance encounter brings the two young women together, Sabrina realizes she’s Brandy’s best hope to salvage a life about to spiral out of control forever.

The story may not have been one I would have chosen but it is a good one. It’s a story of dealing with depression and disappointment. It’s a story of dealing with a heart-breaking situation that’s rubbed in your nose (for lack of a better description).

It’s a story of hope and healing, of helping out someone who needs help only you can provide. A story of finding yourself on a different path and dealing with it.

The first book of Kathryn Cushman’s that I read was “Almost Amish” – and I wasn’t entirely sure I would like this book. Having read it, I can’t honestly say I’ll read it over and over again (especially since the document on my reader expired… I really can’t) but it’s a book I would recommend to anyone who enjoys reading an inspirational story of healing a life that has taken a turn no one but God saw coming.

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