More about Tricia Goyer’s “A Christmas Gift for Rose”

OK. I have a confession to make.

A-Christmas-Gift-for-Rose-quoteI had not finished the book when I wrote the review. I had read all but the last few chapters so I really thought I had a good enough grip of the book to write a review.


Only because God guides my words, was I able to write such a truthful and (now that I know the ending) prophetic review. I said there were twists and turns that I could never have seen coming and OH BOY were there!

I could NEVER have seen where this story would go! And in the last few chapters too. So I fully know only now that I’ve finished it.

I sit here with tears drying on my cheeks and fresh tears in my eyes, so Thankful for God and his mercy. This book has touched a deep place of my heart and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to read it.


THANK YOU GOD for gifting Tricia Goyer with the ability to write such a wonderful story and THANK YOU GOD for Litfuse, the wonderful company that has allowed me to read and review this wonderful book!

I can see now that this entire event has been inspired by God. I applied to join the Litfuse Book Blogger program and, because my blog was so new, at first I was denied. But then I began receiving e-mails from them about books to review. So I inquired and found out that I had been accepted after all. The acceptance e-mail had been lost among advertisements and I finally found it.

One of the e-mails I had received was about “A Christmas Gift for Rose” and so I replied to it and asked if it was too late to join the blog tour. It might have been but the lady replied and said they would send out the book immediately.

When I requested this book, I had nothing but free time on my hands but when I received it, I was neck deep in other obligations that were fighting for my time so I put off reading it. Then I read a few pages at a time and time sped by. Finally I realized, I was out of time so I had to find time to read. I fell asleep reading last night but I was almost done so I hopped online this morning and finished up the review I had already started (I’d written it as I read).

When I posted the review this morning, I felt so guilty that I hadn’t finished the book before I reviewed it but I see now that even that was a part of God’s plan. If I had finished it before I reviewed it, I might not have been able to write this post about just how much the story in those pages has touched my heart.

But now I have an honest review and a heartwarming story of my own to share.


And I hope this Christmas season brings such warmth and joy for you and your family!

And read this book. You won’t regret it.

GOD BLESS YOU Tricia! Thank you!

I hope to continue to be blessed by the wonderful books you promote!

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God Bless You!