25 Posts of Christmas Day 4: Christmas Cooking

When do you start your Christmas cooking?
Do you cook for a big family? For all of your extended family? Or for just 2 or 3 people?

I have a friend who has just herself, her mom and her kids and they decided to buy a meal from Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving.

It worked so well, they’re talking about doing it at Christmas too.

Do you enjoy making special Holiday-themed deserts- yummy cakes, decorative deserts, cute cookies?

Do you love putting together little treats you can give away as gifts?

Do you make the most of the season?

Have you ever thought about what cooking a wonderful meal or making gifts to give away means?

Especially to the people who receive and enjoy them…

Have you ever thought about how those things compare to God’s love and sharing it with others?

Have a Blessed Christmas this year!
And share God’s love with as many people as you can.


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