25 Posts of Christmas Day 7: Gingerbread Houses

Who can remember making Gingerbread houses as a child?

Isn’t it cute!


I never personally made a gingerbread house as a child but I’ve made them with my children.

The crumbly cookies…

The sugary white “glue” that sticks to everything…

The sugar that shakes off every piece of candy and makes a little trail everywhere the children walk as they sneak pieces.


I can tell you I missed out on some serious fun as a child and I didn’t even know it. But I am doubly glad I made time to have the experience with my children.


20131205-110823.jpgAnd I will always remember watching Home Improvement and seeing the crazy gingerbread service station that Tim made. He used real glue (actually it was caulk) and it was one of the few things he did that was not a complete disaster.
(Except that it wasn’t edible and he charged WAY too much for it)

But it was a GREAT memory of something fun he did with the boys.


That gingerbread house is actually on par with some of the pictures you see here. I have never even contemplated making a gingerbread house as grand as any of these. I wouldn’t know where to begin and I’m certain it would be a disaster if I tried.

I’m sure all of these (including the Better Homes and Gardens example at the top of the post) were made by professional chefs and I applaud their skill and the many hours of labor that went in to these magnificent creations!


Have you made a gingerbread house with your children this year?

You should make the time! It could quickly become a much beloved Christmas tradition they will pass on to their own children!

This whole picture intimidates me. See the ones in the back…equally as cool as this one. WOW!


I know my children would love the one above! The imagination! The creativity!

To come up with a Tree-house design and find a way to make it all edible (to be honest, I don’t know that it is 100% edible but it sure looks that way)

20131205-111002.jpgAnd this one, I am entirely certain was built by a professional chef/baker.

I hope the people who saw it or consumed it appreciate the hard work that went into it!


20131205-111013.jpgThis is another of my personal favorites!

I can’t even begin to imagine where I would begin with something like this.


And the detail.



And I know my daughter would LOVE the one above! A real Princess castle.

The only problem would come when anyone wanted to eat it. LOL!

But these Gingerbread houses also remind me of a very important lesson about God’s love! Jesus came and he gave us all of his time. He traveled and he taught and he healed and he raised the dead and most of the time it was a thankless job.

Most of the time it either went unnoticed or it caused the Pharisees to grumble and plot against him.

And I’m sure it was exhausting. It was dusty and dirty and he never had a place to rest unless some kind soul provided it.

And in the end he knew he would die. All his work and all his teaching would come to an end and he would die. Then he would return to heaven to await us.

What a gift!

What an amazing God we have!

18 Days til Christmas

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

GOD Bless You!

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