25 Posts of Christmas Day 10: Christmas Shopping

First, I want to know where this mall is because I WANT TO GO THERE!


Doesn’t it look like a wonderful place to shop?

The bright cheerful decorations, the airy layout. THAT TREE – WOW!
And the ice skating rink on the ground floor would be a BIG HIT!

I’m not like most people in my views on Christmas Shopping. I don’t rush out to the stores the day after Thanksgiving, a woman on a mission. I don’t search every single store for the perfect gift.

I go out with a bit of a plan in mind. I take the munchkins with me, during the week, during the day – when it’s not so busy. We don’t buy tons of things people don’t need. We aim for things that they will be able to use, something that they will appreciate, something that will bless them. After all, the thought really is what counts. So we make sure we put a lot of thought into it.

And we don’t just go after sales galore either. Not to say I don’t appreciate a good sale, because I really do. But I’m not opposed to paying full price. If you’re not willing to pay full price for something, what does that say about your feelings for the person you’re giving it to?

I would rather give one really well-thought out, heart-felt and wonderful gift than a dozen little nothings that are just going to go in the closet the day after Christmas.

I am also quite fond of hand-crafting gifts or baking.

You would not believe how much your time and effort means to most people. This is always a great idea for those on a very tight budget also.

Remember, Jesus’ gift was so much more huge than any that you will find in a store and it came only from him. Of course, no craft or baked good can compare with it either but you get the idea.

and your family this CHRISTmas season!

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