25 Posts of Christmas Day 14: Take a deep breath.


By now you’re hip-deep in shopping, wrapping, baking and juggling lists a mile long – of things you still have to do before the big day!

So I have one piece of advice for you.


Seriously, stop whatever you’re doing and take a deep breath.

Look around you and inventory the wonderful bits. Watch your children as they enjoy your wonderful baking or as they add one last toy to their Christmas list.

Take in the beauty of the decorations that adorn your home. Have a seat on the couch for even five minutes and look at your tree, the stockings, the lights.

Remember what is important this time of year – family, love.

Christmas is about love. Christmas is a celebration of God’s love. He sent us the ultimate gift and he did it ONLY out of love.

So take a minute to hug your children, your husband and tell them how much you love them. And remember that they are the ones that this holiday season is for!

11 Days til ChristmasMERRY CHRISTMAS!

God loves you!

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