25 Posts of Christmas Day 17: Lights, Camera, Apple iPhone?

Have you seen it?

The new Christmas commercial from Apple…

I would have warned you to grab a box of tissues but it would have ruined it.

We “old-fogey” parents complain about technology ruining family time and we are bitter about our kids spending so much time playing video games or texting but this video shows an entirely different perspective, something a lot of people never think of when they see a teen on their iPhone® or Gameboy DS®.

I hope this commercial will give teens the idea that their family is more important than they sometimes realize. And I hope it will show parents that they don’t always know exactly what is going on with their kids. Don’t jump to conclusions parents. Just LOVE your kids.

OK… I have to go find another box of tissues now so I’m just going to keep this one short and sweet. I think the video says it all anyway.

I mean… How can I top that? Way to go Apple!

One other comment come to mind as I watch this. Too often, we participate in things but we miss the “little moments”.

The argument goes on and on that it’s better to “BE THERE” than to be video-taping but something like this can help us all hold onto those precious memories forever!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! 8 Days til Christmas

GOD Bless you!

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