25 Posts of Christmas Day 23: Volunteering

What do you do for your fellow man at this time of year?

Christmas-Volunteering-BannerEvery store we go to, there’s a brave man or woman standing outside with a bell and a little red bucket. They smile and wish us a “Merry Christmas” as we drop in our loose change – “The Salvation Army”

Churches pass out special shoeboxes for their congregations to fill up and send to children in other countries – “Operation Christmas Child”

And each town had their own special charities and projects that are going strong this time of year.

There are also a myriad of Shelters and community homes that feed thousands for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

What’s your personal volunteering opportunity?

And if you don’t volunteer, you should think and pray about it. When God commands us to give 10% of ourselves, he means more than our money! He means our time too!

So go out into the world and see what you can do to help!



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