Through rose-colored glasses.

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book that absolutely tore you up until the last five minutes or 20 pages? large-rose-colored-glasses-on-beach

You slog through because you don’t like to quit or because you promised someone you would but it’s a struggle. And until those last five minutes or the last 20 pages, you were either bawling your eyes out or your stomach was all tied up in knots or both… But you got to the end and suddenly the whole thing was worth it.

The last bit completely changes your outlook on the whole thing.

You feel like you’re walking on air, the knots in your stomach disappear and everything is right with the world again.

And the funniest part of it is this: when you’re finished, when it’s all over – it’s a little difficult to remember just how upset or torn up you were. All you remember is that the end left you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

So that’s what sticks with you.

A lot of the books I have read recently have been this way. I go through the whole book worrying that someone is in big trouble or my heart breaks when the guy dumps the girl or vice versa or there’s danger around the corner and I know it’s coming but I can’t do anything but watch as it unfolds and the Hero is completely surprised!

But, for some strange reason, when the end comes and everything is once again right with the world – trouble blew over or went away, the guy got his girl or the villain was foiled… I completely forget about the gnawing in my gut or the feeling of despair that had me in tears for 100 pages.

So tell me, is it just me? Is it a girl thing – like how we forget the excruciating hours of labor we just went through when they place that little pink bundle in our arms…

Or is it something a lot of people do?

PLEASE tell me it’s something a lot of people do! I’m not a freak… I swear. PLEASE tell me I’m not the one weirdo who does this?