“A Miracle of Hope” by Ruth Reid | Amish Wonders book 1


Let me say this first. Read the book when you have quite a bit of spare time on your hands… because it is HARD to put down. Being a mom of two, I read most of it at night after they went to sleep. Because otherwise, I might have been a bit bad-tempered at some point about putting it down.

It’s that good.

There’s part of a quote from Beth Wiseman on the front cover that says “…a beautiful tale of romance, redemption and faith.” And it really is. In fact, I can’t think of a better way to say it myself.

Ruth Reid is one of those writers that will have you on the edge of your seat, nearly tearing at the pages in your hurry to find out what happens next (and this isn’t even a suspense novel…).

And you know those books with a lot of unrealistic drama thrown in… you know the ones – just when everything is going great, they throw another crazy twist at you and you find yourself going “COME ON! This can’t be realistic!” every time they hit you with another crazy twist… This isn’t one of them.

I’m not going to tell you there isn’t drama because there is. I’m just not going to tell you what. You can figure out some of it by reading the back cover blurb. But believe me when I say that first – it is NOT unrealistic and second – some of it you could NEVER have seen it coming. And that is one of the things I absolutely LOVE about this book! There are unexpected little twists all over the place. It’s so refreshing to see a book done so well – especially when using a story line that some may consider has been done to death.

But not this one. This book had a very fresh take on absolutely everything. And Ruth Reid’s ability to draw her readers in is astonishing. It was actually a little tough to handle because as I read about the freezing weather, I found myself feeling it.

Ruth describes her scenes in such wonderful detail – not painstakingly at all but so well, you don’t even realize that’s what she was doing. She weaves the descriptions into the story like the many threads of a beautiful length of yarn.

Which is one more reason I had so much difficulty putting the book down.

Typically, I laugh when I see those silly pictures on Facebook about reading when we should be doing other things or making jokes about reading one more chapter and actually reading ten – but that is exactly how this story was for me. I bargained with myself that I would read one more chapter before getting back to my other work and then I would read five before I could make myself put it down.

I’m not kidding either. I had to make myself put it down…each time.

And it’s not just wanting to know what happens next that gets me. The characters will take a firm hold on your heart strings. It took me less than a chapter to be intrigued, less than three chapters to be hooked and less than ten to be absolutely neck-deep, crazy in love with the story, the characters and the writing! WOW!

I am beyond thrilled at having the opportunity to read & review this book and I can’t wait to find more of Ruth Reid’s books to read!

Do not miss this one!


A short synopsis from Thomas Nelson:

How far can God’s mercy reach?

Lindie Wyse is pregnant out of wedlock and thinks an arranged marriage is the only way to preserve her future. Josiah Plank is certain he’ll never love again, but he needs someone to care for his eight-year-old daughter, Hannah. The two take on their arrangement tentatively at first but soon realize they are each in for more than they imagined.

Lindie experiences a breakthrough with Hannah when she recognizes Hannah’s special gifts, but a risky pregnancy and serious health issues threaten to demolish the foundation Josiah and Lindie are building. Will their growing love survive despite their struggles, or will their hearts become as cold as the northern winter?

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