An unexpected ending – “Jenny’s Choice” by Patrick E. Craig


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. One of the major advantages to Amish fiction is that there’s none of the nonsense you find in “popular” fiction that sits in place of an actual plot.

There’s no inappropriate behavior or nasty language – just God… and an
honest-to-goodness plot.

Patrick E. Craig’s writing exemplifies that! And… it goes one step further. His descriptions of seemingly insignificant things that typically go unseen or unnoticed are a perfect example of God’s plans.

Many times, things that are going on right under our noses cover up tiny things that are happening at the same time – things no one notices.

These things can build up little by little or slowly and methodically move events in such a way that can change a person’s course completely, often without their knowledge or help. And most of the time, no one sees them until they’ve become huge or until they’ve effected enormous consequences.

God’s plans are often this way. He uses people or events around us to make tiny little moves in our lives or nudge us gently in the right direction.

When you start reading this book, one of the first things you see is a note from the author – Patrick E. Craig. He tells us this story was not what he meant to write and I have to say, I’m glad his plans changed. I am so glad that he went ahead with this book. It gives such insight into the lives of characters we have come to know and love as we read the first books of the series.

Having said that, I must admit that I haven’t actually read the first two books of the series. Shock I know. I always search out the first books in a series so that I can read them in order and then review them all together. Well, this time I didn’t. I wanted to see how different my view would be if I started at the end and work my way back. So that’s what I’ve done. And I plan to review books 1 and 2 at a later date – along with a recap of this story… and hopefully his next book… hint! hint!

And while I always suggest that someone begin with book 1 of a series, I found that Patrick E. Craig did a superb job of recapping the major points of books 1 and 2 in this one. And he did it in such a way that it fit right into the story without interrupting the flow a bit – in places it even added to the flow.

GREAT GREAT BOOK! Patrick E. Craig is definitely going on my list of Favorite authors!


Here is a brief synopsis from Harvest House:

In the concluding novel to the Apple Creek Dreams series, Jonathan and Jenny Hershberger are happily settled in Paradise, Pennsylvania on the farm Jenny inherited from her grandfather. But when a tragic accident takes Jonathan’s life, Jenny and her young daughter, Rachel, return home to Apple Creek, Ohio to live with her adoptive parents, Reuben and Jerusha Springer.

As Jenny works through her grief and despair, she discovers she has a gift for writing. A handsome young publisher discovers her work and, after the publication of her first book, Jenny is on the verge of worldly success and possible romance.

But when a conflict arises with the elders of her church, Jenny must ask herself how far she’s willing to go to pursue her dreams.

A touching story of devotion and triumph over adversity.

Book 3 in the Apple Creek Dreams series

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