“Princess Ever After” by Rachel Hauck | Royal Weddings series #2

"Princess Ever After" by Rachel Hauck First let me just say, I LOVE this cover! I’m not wildly in love with the cover for the first book in this series because it gives the impression that the woman we see is undressed but everyone has different ideas of what is or is not appropriate so I can understand if I stand alone in that area.

But THIS COVER IS PERFECT! It just screams Princess! to me. LOVE IT!

Second let me say that I have gotten into an Amish obsession lately so I decided to branch out a bit and read some other Christian fiction.

And I’m so glad I did! WOW!

Rachel Hauck is an AMAZING author!

I really don’t know if I am even a good enough writer to do this review justice. I have no idea how to tell you just how amazing this book is without sounding like a silly fan-girl.

One thing I will say about “Princess Ever After” is what I said to mum while I was reading – I am terribly excited to see so many Christian authors stepping out in faith. Too many others are making money on stories about supernatural happenings that are clearly impossible, it’s high time we show the world just how SUPERNATURAL our AWESOME GOD is!

Rachel Hauck blends these wondrous occurrences into her stories so well, you might not even catch them the first time through…unless you’re looking for them or you are exceptionally close to God yourself but they’re in there.

In “Once Upon A Prince”, we read all about Suzanna giving herself over to God – to do with as He choses. This is a bit more of a struggle for the characters in “Princess Ever After” but they do finally manage to “let go and let God” and the story is so much better for it!

The characters grab your heart right away and will not let go! And the story is so intense, you can’t stand to put the book down for even a minute. I read this book faster than any book other book I’ve read in over a year!

Now I find myself rushing through the rest of my TBR pile so I can go back and read the other books of Rachel Hauck’s that I haven’t yet! And impatiently awaiting the next book in this series too!

Definitely DON’T miss out on the Facebook party that Litfuse is throwing to celebrate the release of this book!


While you wait, here’s a bit more about the story from GoodReads:

Regina Beswick never dreamed of faraway places. She’s happy with her life as a classic car mechanic and owner of a restoration shop.

But an unexpected visitor and the discovery of a fairytale, drawn by her great-grandma, causes Regina to wonder if she might be destined for something more.

Tanner Burkhardt, Minister of Culture for the Grand Duchy of Hessenberg, must convince the strong-willed Southerner, Miss Beswick, that she is his country’s long-lost princess. Failure could destroy his reputation and change his nation forever.

As Regina and Tanner face the challenges before them, neither are prepared for love to invade their hearts and change every thing they believe about themselves.

However, when a royal opponent nearly destroys Regina’s future, she must lean into God and trust He has sovereignly brought her to her true and final destiny.

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