“Kate’s Song” by Jennifer Beckstrand | Forever in Apple Lake #1


It’s a difficult thing sometimes to be a mom who enjoys reading more than almost anything else.


I enjoy my children above all other things on this earth.

And it has been many years since I stayed up into the wee hours because I just could not put a book down.

When you’re a mom who puts your kids ahead of everything else, there are plenty of times you don’t want to put a book down. There are many times you’re annoyed at having to put the book down and there are times you stay up late – even when you know you’re going to regret it.

But it has truly been years since I read a book I could not put down. I sat there, mesmerized, turning pages and agonizing over what was going to happen next.

Jennifer Beckstrand’s story held me in its grip with an astonishing strength.
It’s nearly impossible to believe this is her first published novel. She has a talent that equals authors with years of experience and success.

Her characters are perfectly shaped and, at the same time, expertly flawed. Her story flows seamlessly from scene to scene. Her plot is meticulously crafted and woven neatly around each aspect of the story.

She has created a uniquely wonderful adventure and I feel blessed to have been invited along for the ride.


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And here is a brief synopsis about the book too:

Kate Weaver was raised in an Amish home and has always been expected to choose baptism and strict observance of the Ordnung. But Kate is blessed with a beautiful singing voice, and when another path leads her to the academy for vocal training, she struggles to understand God’s will for her life. She returns to Apple Lake, haunted by a violent encounter with a fellow student, and finds herself drawn to the peace and devotion of her Amish home. But can she give up her dreams? Or will her calling forever separate her from the people and the way of life she holds so dear? Nathaniel King has never wavered in his commitment to the community and the Old Order Amish Church into which he is baptized. He has been in love with Kate for as long as he can remember, and he is devastated when she leaves Apple Lake to attend the academy. When Kate returns, will she make his most profound hopes a reality–or will she break his heart all over again?

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