“Rebecca’s Rose” by Jennifer Beckstrand | Forever After in Apple Lake book # 2

Rebecca's Rose by Jennifer BeckstrandRight away you can see what a talented and versatile writer Jennifer Beckstrand is.

Kate’s Song dealt with some pretty serious issues and so does Rebecca’s Rose. But the differences between the two situations is like looking at night and day.

These are no cookie cutter stories.

And full marks to Miss Beckstrand for originality and intrigue.

Originality because, unlike so many other books – I’ve not read anything else that sounds just like this one.

Intrigue because Jennifer Beckstrand is the kind of writer that dribbles information out a tidbit at a time. It keeps you guessing but it also keeps you reading and it makes for a very interesting journey.

Fair warning: there is mention of a graphic(in my own humble opinion anyway) movie early in the novel and the book deals with some pretty serious situations but, unlike other writers who leave you feeling as if you’ve read a soap opera, Jennifer Beckstrand simply leaves you feeling as if you’ve read about something that actually happened.

She shows us real life as it collides with the Amish community and she does it well!

God has blessed her with an amazing talent and, while I’m not certain some of the material will appeal to everyone, it certainly does leave you with the feeling that you’ve been reading fact and not fiction. And in my book, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Now on to book 3…


A bit more about the books from SummerSide Press:

Rebecca Miller’s mother is confined to bed, so the nineteen-year-old must run the household, manage the family farm, and care for her younger siblings. Although she feels trapped at times, she is determined to fulfill a promise she made to her best friend before the girl died. Then Rebecca meets a boy with uncommon good looks and a mischievous glint in his eye who just might help her keep her vow.

Levi Cooper was born in Apple Lake and schooled in the Amish way of life until he was seven years old. After his father died in an accident, Levi’s mother married an Englischer and was consequently shunned by her Amish relatives. Forced to leave the Plain community, Levi grows up as an Englischer, scarcely thinking about the life he used to live. Haunted by painful memories and on the path to self-destruction, Levi meets an Amish girl who is looking for adventure.

Rebecca’s growing attachment to Levi could lead to the loss of everything she holds dear. Will the secret he keeps separate them forever?

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