“Miriam’s Quilt” by Jennifer Beckstrand | Forever After in Apple Lake book # 3

Miriam's Quilt by Jennifer Beckstrand

I don’t know if there was a hidden message in the first two books of this series that I somehow missed or not but there was definitely a message in this one: Don’t judge a person without knowing their full circumstances.

Miriam’s Quilt shows us that a person is like a book in that way – they can’t truly be judged just by a look, by one meeting or one incident or one conversation.

I will say this too though, Jennifer Beckstrand seems to enjoy throwing in at least one character that we love to hate.

In the beginning of this book, I had two different candidates and then she threw in a third.

However, it soon became apparent that the first two candidates were much more a victim than a tormentor.

I would LOVE to say this does not ring true but I am very much afraid it does. There are people like this in EVERY community – Amish and English alike.

Even the characters that we loathe are written exceptionally well. The story draws us in immediately and Jennifer keeps you glued to the pages til the very end. I have flown through all three books, and that is saying something because I am a very fast reader to begin with.

Each one is a GREAT read and I highly recommend the entire series to everyone!

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A bit more about the book from Summerside Press:

Miriam Bontrager has loved Ephraim for as long as she can remember. But when scandal rocks Miriam’s family, Ephraim decides that she is not worthy of him. Heartbroken, Miriam vows to never again trust anyone with her affections. But will she surrender her heart when a man of simple faith and gentle ways shows her how to love again?

Seth Lambright has always found Miriam pretty, but she’s also too stuck-up to pay him any notice. That is, until she comes to his stable after Ephraim’s devastating rejection. Spending time with Seth’s horses gives Miriam comfort and helps her mend, but her presence nudges Seth dangerously close to falling in love. Unable to ignore the way Miriam tugs at his heart, will he risk everything to show her that there is more to love than the pain of bitter memories?

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