“The Kissing Bridge” by Tricia Goyer | Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors book 3

The Kissing BridgeIt’s always fun to read a book that is part of a continuing story.

And I really hope we get 7 books out of this series!

Tricia Goyer certainly has a deep well of story lines. Each book of hers that I have read is clearly original. There is no feel of having read the same story in a slightly different form over and over again.

Tricia continues the story that began with The Memory Jar – beautifully in The Kissing Bridge. We see some familiar characters and we meet new ones.

And we get to enjoy the familiar surroundings colored through the views of different people and their experiences.

It’s wonderful!

In fact, I recently read another story that is at least loosely attached to this series and it was equally wonderful.

Tricia Goyer wrote a novella for An Amish Garden called Seeds of Love. It was about the Amish of West Kootenai, Montana as well.

The Kissing Bridge is the third book in this series and it is just as enjoyable a read as the first two.

If you enjoyed The Memory Jar and The Promise Box, you will enjoy The Kissing Bridge!

And I am certain that, if you are a fan of Tricia Goyer’s writing, you will love this book!

4 Stars

A bit more from Zondervan about The Kissing Bridge:

Caught between a stifling Amish community and an unnerving outside world, a devout young woman on the run is about to become the newest arrival to West Kootenai, Montana.

On the day of her sister’s death, Rebecca Troyer took her first step away from the Amish. Rebecca had always strayed a little outside the fold—a job at an Englisch bakery, long weekends with non-Amish friends—but nothing could have prepared her family for what she is about to do: Rebecca is abandoning the community to attend nursing school. She is headed to college, into “the world.” But she has to make it across the country first.

When she stops in West Kootenai, at the home of a lapsed Amish friend from her youth, Rebecca finds a lot more in Montana than she had bargained for—namely a handsome working man named Caleb Hooley. Caleb is at a crossroads of his own. A daredevil bachelor with high standards, he has decided he’ll never find an Amish woman who can quench his thirst for adventure. Needless to say, the pretty Amish girl who has fled her community in secret catches his attention immediately.

As hearts are opened and secrets are revealed, Rebecca and Caleb find they have much more in common than just their Amish background. But can this runaway find love with a risk-taker who has lost his faith in God? All it will take is one week in the wilderness to find out . . .

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