Goldtown Adventures Book 4 | “River of Peril” by Susan K. Marlow


River of Peril is the fourth book in Susan K. Marlow’s Goldtown Adventuresseries.

Another terrific example of how well Susan K. Marlow blends fact with fiction. She takes these intriguing events from our past and blends them with adventure and discovery and kids of all ages will LOVE IT!

In this book we get to read about the dangers of riding by stagecoach and the dangers of messing with smugglers.

And that’s just what the kids are up to…

Susan K. Marlow once again blends faith and fact with fiction and delivers a thrilling tale of young kids off on an adventure, getting into trouble and following God’s prompting to get out.

 Another great story! Another great message!

And another story the kids will love and enjoy! They might even learn something. That’s one of the best things about the books in this series. Susan takes real things that kids should be learning in school and wraps it up in adventure so that it sticks in a kid’s mind.

 A great read. And, even though I’m not a twelve year old boy, I find myself hoping there are more to come.


Here is a bit more about the book from Kregel:

Jem Coulter thinks his family is just on a sightseeing trip to the big city of Sacramento. Then armed bandits hold up the stagecoach for the secret stash they’re carrying: gold for the Union Army fighting the distant Civil War! Suddenly war isn’t so far away; it’s right there on the road to Sacramento, with Jem’s father, the sheriff of Goldtown, fighting against the rebel army’s Knights of the Golden Circle.

When the family finally reaches the city, they think they’re safe at last. Setting out to see the sights, Jem, his sister Ellie, and their cousin Nathan make a new friend. But is Henry the pal they think he is? With a father who is a die-hard Confederate, could Henry be in cahoots with the thieves?

River of Peril gives readers ages 8 to 12 the fast-moving, exciting adventure they’ve come to expect in this series, as well as a glimpse into the history of post–Gold Rush and Civil War life in 1860s California, with stagecoaches, steamboats, stowaways—and lots of gold!

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