“The Rescue” by Suzanne Woods Fisher | An eBook in “The Inn At Eagle Hill” series!

The Rescue by Suzanne Woods FisherThe only complaint I have about this book was that there was not enough of it! The story was so wonderful, I was completely caught up in it and then… it was over.


This is one of those stories you will wish you could go back and read for the first time all over again. It’s THAT GREAT!

I find myself so grateful that more and more authors understand that readers are simply in agony waiting for the next installment of their wonderful books. And so they give us short back-stories and side-stories to keep us from tearing our hair out while we wait for the next book to arrive at our local bookstore.


It is such a joy to open up my kindle and see that this eBook is available for reading.

And, as much as I LOVE having a hard copy of as many books as I can get my hands on, I am much happier to pay $1.99 for this short story that to have to pay $5 or even $10. Plus I didn’t have to do anything but find a Wi-Fi spot where I could download.

So, while you wait for Suzanne’s next book in The Inn At Eagle Hill  series “The Revealing”, go to Amazon and snag this wonderful eBook. I promise it will help tide you over until you get the next book in your hands!


And Here is what ChristianBooks has to say about it:

Will Stoltz has returned to Stoney Ridge to start a wild bird rescue center and find Jackie Colombo, a veterinarian who stole his heart . . . then disappeared.

Yup, it’s short and sweet. But there is so much more to the story… trust me!

Click HERE for the book page on ChristianBook.com

Click HERE to buy the eBook on Amazon. It’s only $1.99. GREAT DEAL!

And click HERE for Suzanne Woods Fisher’s website!





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