“A Stitch and a Prayer” by Eva Gibson | Quilts of Love # 19

A Stitch and a PrayerI have read other reviews that said they had difficulty connecting with the main character.

I did not have that problem.

I connected with Florence right away. And I was pulled right into her world. Eva Gibson is a very skilled author. She paints a beautiful picture around our characters and I truly felt like I was right there with Florence as she struggled and worried and tried to pass the time until her beloved would return.

And I find myself wondering if perhaps the difficulty with some people connecting with Eva’s main character is perhaps the health issues she is struggling with…

Many people who have never dealt with health concerns themselves or even watched as a loved one navigated the difficulties involved are incapable of understanding what goes through the person’s mind as they attempt to go about their day and be as “normal” as possible.

I am blessed to have good health (aside from some seasonal allergies and a semi-bad knee) but I have watched my mother combat fibromyalgia and diabetes for years and I speak from experience when I say there are many people who enjoy good health that are unable to comprehend the daily hardships she has to face.

So I can understand quite easily how some people might have difficulty connecting with Florence and understanding the things she does. However, I would like to say that I feel Eva Gibson did an excellent job of writing the story. I could feel Florence’s irritation and worry. That alone may have helped a number of readers who would not normally identify with those issues – be able to.

A wonderful story that anyone can enjoy!

4 Stars

More from Abingdon about the book:

A quilt becomes a labor of love for a lonely wife mysteriously separated from her young husband.

After her fiancé returns from the Klondike gold rush in 1897, Florence Harms sets about building a new life in her new marriage—even though the lingering effects of illness have left her weak and vulnerable. She and her young husband, Will, work tirelessly to clear the land around their Northwest cabin, content with their modest life.

But then a stranger comes knocking and Florence suddenly senses a restlessness in Will’s spirit that she had never seen before. When he leaves her with only a note that tells her he will return before their baby’s birth, she is devastated, and the illness that stiffened her joints returns. Counting the days until Will walks back through her door, Florence busies herself with a Tree of Life quilt displaying a map of the farm they call home. Doubts claw at her heart as Florence struggles to believe Will’s promise to return to her. Will her labor of love—and faith in God—sustain her as she waits to see her beloved once again?

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