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A Mother's Secret

I ranted more than a little with my review of the first book in this series: A Hopeful Heart,  because someone ruined the book for me.

Which is why, In preparation for this book, I did not read ANY reviews.

Besides… I knew it would be great!
Why would I need to read reviews!


A Mother’s Secret  is a absolute masterpiece.

Amy Clipston has taken a delicate, sensitive subject and put a face on it that I certainly never expected to see.

I have read books by other authors of Amish fiction about this same subject but most of them focus on the shame in their community or the hardship on the mother or the ostracism from family.

A Mother’s Secret  takes a whole new approach and I LOVE IT!

Yes there is mention of the “shame” Carolyn’s “situation” brought to the family but it is not the focus of the story, except for how much Carolyn punishes herself about it. The community has forgiven her – but that’s really what we expect from an Amish community, isn’t it?

And yes, there is mention of the hardship on Carolyn but it’s primarily past-tense for this story and only as it contributes to the story, again…not the focus. It’s nothing like what you read about in many other books that seem to make the hardship a single mother deals with the main focus of the story.

And while there is friction between Joshua and his mother… and Carolyn and Joshua’s mother… and Benjamin and Joshua’s mother – noticing a pattern here… if you read the first book, you know Barbie causes friction between her and almost everyone around her – there is no ostracism from Carolyn’s own family, which…again, is what you would expect from an Amish family. The Amish are famous for their forgiveness.

Just keep that in mind as you read – I’m not going to say why…

This is the story of a mother and her son. It highlights the family dynamics that come with this somewhat unique situation but it clearly focuses on the mother and son. And Amy Clipston does a beautiful job of writing, not just a love story between Carolyn and her possible suitors, but between Carolyn and her son – who she and her family consider a blessing… not a burden like many other families might.

Perhaps it is the Amish worldview that helps them accomplish this or perhaps it is simply due to their intense faith in God and their strong desire to live as Christ-like a life as possible. Whatever the reason, Amy Clipston hit the mark perfectly with this book!

I must have rewritten and added to this review a dozen or more times – I kept thinking of things I had to add or a different way I wanted to say something and I just had to get it right! This is a tremendous story and I hope everyone who reads it gets as much of a blessing from it as I have.

God Bless you Amy Clipston!

Now I’m impatient for the next book, “A Simple Prayer, which is the final book in my Hearts of Lancaster Grand Hotel series” – via AmyClipston.com.

Is it 2015 yet?




More about “A Mother’s Secret” from Zondervan:

Carolyn Lapp dreams of marrying for love. But will the errors of her past destroy this dream forever?

Carolyn Lapp longs to have a traditional Amish family. But she lives on her brother’s farm with her parents and her 15-year old son, Benjamin. Carolyn has never revealed the identity of Benjamin’s father and lives daily with the guilt and shame of her youthful indiscretion.

Her brother simply will not forgive her. His answer is to arrange a practical marriage for Carolyn to Saul, a widower with a little girl. But Carolyn isn’t convinced that Saul really loves her and believes he is simply looking for someone to help raise his daughter.

When Benjamin causes trouble at a local horse auction, horse breeder Joshua Glick decides that he must be taught a lesson. Carolyn and Joshua are unmistakably drawn to each other, but Joshua mistakenly assumes that Benjamin is Carolyn’s brother.

Carolyn fears that if he discovers the truth, her past will destroy their budding romance. After years of shame and loneliness, Carolyn suddenly has two men vying for her attention. But which of them will give her the family—and the unconditional love—she’s longed for?

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