Bowing out gracefully…

I try very hard, as a person who strives to have a good relationship with God, not to judge people unfairly.

Having said that, there is something I have been struggling with…a lot… the last few months. Not long ago, one of the review companies I work with revamped their site. One of the parts of this process was adding books by other publishing houses they are associated with.

And it has been a mighty struggle for me. How do I continue to review for a company whose new listing of books makes me cringe? And, while they made a point of asking me about my own preferences, you can not even log into the site without seeing those other types of books.

Well… something has got to give and it’s going to be me.

Yes, I will miss being able to get Cindy Woodsmall’s books early and free to read and review but my faith and my witness is NOT worth the damage that I am certain will be inflicted with constant exposure to such (I will refrain from using the word I want to use here…use your imagination).

Cindy Woodsmall’s books were about the only ones holding me there. And I will be happy to buy them and support her. I may not always be able to afford them as soon as they come out but I hope God will lead me to sales so I can afford to continue to support a fellow author whose work I enjoy – oh so much.

And sadly, this may be something I have to do elsewhere as well – as more Christian publishers are being purchased by Secular houses.

Be assured, I will continue to pray for the people in charge of this organization. I pray they will see just how damaging these books are – even to people who are not followers of Christ!

And please pray for me. Pray I get published soon so I can afford to support my fellow authors and the only reason I get an advance copy of any book is to write a blurb for a friend.


Good Night and God Bless.

~ JC


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