Yes, I have been annoyingly silent… But I have a good reason!


I spent my weekend driving… and sitting… and writing furiously, trying to get down every word my brilliant role-model said.

Yes I spent the weekend at a Writer’s conference!



Not only did I get the chance to listen to one of my absolute FAVORITE authors share tips and ideas about writing… I got to talk with her – in person!

And yes… it was almost too much for me. It took all of my composure not to go fan-girl and just squeal with delight.

Melanie Dickerson is the author of my absolute favorite fairy tale series of ALL TIME! And for the record, no matter how great the other 3 are – my current favorite is The Fairest Beauty Of course that may change when I read The Princess Spy in November or “The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest”  in 2015… which is releasing from Thomas Nelson not Zondervan.

And I’m excited to have discovered another exciting new author! I plan to read Jane Nickerson‘s work as soon as I can get my hands on it! They were sold out of her books in the bookstore… sad

I’m not going to say that I learned much from the other 2 speakers but well… I didn’t learn much. They spoke well and the topics were interesting but I have no interest in writing for magazines or newspapers.


For now, I am editing my MS with everything I learned in mind! Exciting!


And I haven’t stopped reviewing… give me a few days to catch up on everything and I’ll have a new review up for you.




2 thoughts on “Yes, I have been annoyingly silent… But I have a good reason!

    1. Thank you! Me too!

      I definitely won’t! It helps that I have a lot of encouragement – not the least of which are so many of my favorite writers!


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