I got an early look at “The Snow Globe” by Laura V. Hilton!


OK… Before you go running off to Amazon, let me warn you that this is a review of a book which is only available for pre-order… right now.

However, I highly recommend that you go pre-order it as soon as you possibly can (like right after you read this awesome review)! It is a WONDERFUL book!

Laura V. Hilton shows that it doesn’t matter whether you’re Amish or English – love and attraction can take you by surprise and turn your whole world upside down!

The Snow Globe is book 1 of Laura V. Hilton’s new series: The Amish of Jamesport and I’m already looking forward to the next one!

This is not just a story that only readers of Amish fiction will enjoy. The clever wit and family dynamics will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good, clean romance.

Sparks fly from the very start of this intriguing romantic adventure!

Esther Beachy wants nothing to do with Viktor Petersheim and Viktor could not be more annoyed with his grandmother’s choice of a caretaker. He has returned home to discover a woman in his house – a woman he does not want to be attracted to… but God has other plans. And so do Reuben and Anna Petersheim.

One thing is for sure, we are in for a wonderfully unpredictable experience and I am certain you will be looking forward to the next book as much as I am!

Of course that is one bad thing about getting an advance look – I have to wait that much longer for the next book… unless Laura lets me get an advance look at it too. *fingers crossed*




Here is more about “The Snow Globe” from Whitaker House:

A Compassionate Young Woman

Esther Beachy enjoys working for an elderly woman who is wheelchair bound. Her client, Anna Petersheim, is pleasant and tells captivating stories. Plus, her home is quiet and far more peaceful than Esther’s, with so many siblings. She only dreads the day when Anna’s grandson, Viktor, will return from the river to take over the farm. She and Viktor were classmates years ago, and he’d been an obnoxious flirt who paid attention to every girl but her.

A Toughened Riverboat Captain

A seasoned riverboat captain, Viktor Petersheim has seen his share of trials. He left the Amish after the death of his parents and siblings in a house fire for which he still feels responsible. Now, after years of working on the Mississippi River, he returns home to claim the farm he inherited from his grandparents and, hopefully, to repair some of the damaged relationships and broken hearts he left in his wake.

Love off the River

When Viktor arrives home, it doesn’t take long for him and Esther to realize their mutual attraction. Even so, their relationship remains as tumultuous as a shaken snow globe, like the one Esther finds at a garage sale and gives to Viktor’s grandmother as a token of affection. Viktor isn’t the only man with an eye on Esther, and soon it looks as if she’s ready to make a future with someone else. Will the two go their separate ways again? Or will the hand of God work something beautiful out of their angst and agitation



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