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A LIght in the Wilderness


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14 thoughts on “(CLOSED) Giveaway! | A Light in The Wilderness by Jane Kirkpatrick | Based on a True Story!

  1. I was across the river when the World Trade Center was hit by the planes. It was unbelievable and didn’t seem true as it was happening!!! I believe that this was a very important day in history and I know that it brought many people closer together! But it was a very tragic day as well, so many people’s lives were taken, it was very sad!!! But they are in a wonderful place now so that is a comfort to many! God Bless All Those Who Lost Their Lives and The Loved Ones Left Behind!!! I would love to win the book and I will pray for Good Luck for everyone!!!


  2. My most memorable historical moment has to be September 11, 2001. I sat glued to the TV for days & was just heartbroken. So many innocent lives lost……


  3. I’d love to win the book–A day I recall in history is when the Challenger blew up in the sky, with the beloved schoolteacher on board–all her students watching, and her parents and family standing below right there, seeing the horror in the sky. Oh my—still I weep remembering. But a great big God held them all in His oh, so capable hands both then and now, today. HE can, and does, bless through the tremendous challenges and “Challengers” of our history.

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  4. A little bit of more recent history; When I was stationed in Diego Garcia (in the Indian Ocean) I was getting started with my breakfast when the TV monitor showed the exploding of Discover. It was hard to think of anything else that day and my son was back in the states trying to get hold of me to see if I knew anything more than what the news portrayed.

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  5. I think the day President Kennedy was shot is the biggest memory of my childhood and the day we landed on the moon was the second biggest.

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  6. I would have to that 9-11 was the first thing that came to mind. I was waiting for the bank to open the morning it happened. I had no clue what was going on. We were living in Idaho at the time near the Canadian border and was suppose to go and pick up strawberries. My husband worked across the street from the bank and came running over and told me what had happened and not to go to Canada because they would more than likely close down the border and I wouldn’t be able to get back in to the United States. It was a very scary time. All of our family lived in Md. Thank you for a chance to win. ~ Blessings ~

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  7. My first thought of an event in history is always
    The great courage, and raw energy it took the
    Pioneers to travel to settle our beautiful west.
    Traveling though many pains… It is encouraging
    How the were so tough
    In a world with people who easily give up, its a
    Blessing to reflect on their lives and stick toittiveness!

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  8. I remember the day President Kennedy was shot. I was in art class in junior high, and suddenly the news footage started showing up on the TV in the room.

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  9. I remember reading and learning about the depression in school and then realizing that my parents and grandparents LIVED through ! It was eye-opening to hear the stories they told of sacrifice and hardship.

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  10. We just read about the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The English smaller ships ran circles around the big ships and then God sent a storm to blow the ships away. The Providence of God in history is so amazing to study!

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