All the Bible Stories you know but like you never expected to hear them


The First Time We Saw Him This book took me completely by surprise! I actually had not expected to review it but due to a happy accident, I got the chance and I am thrilled to say that it is a wonderful book that everyone should read!

Matt Mikalatos asks us to take a step back and look at our faith from a different perspective – to look at God from a new perspective.

How many of us have a skewed view of God? How many of us feel detached from God because we just don’t feel a connection with him?

Matt points out that those of us who grew up in church, mostly learned the same lessons, heard the same Bible stories, memorized the same Bible verses and that has shaped our faith.

In many cases, like his own, this gives a somewhat flat and skewed view of Jesus and his amazing miracles, God and his love for us and the Spirit He sent us to be a constant companion.

In The First Time We Saw Him, Matt shows us the Bible stories we all know and love but with a very unique spin. Why didn’t someone think of this before?

This book has had an impact on me that I have never experienced from any other book (except the actual Bible of course) I’ve read on the subject!


Will you read it? Will it change your outlook on life? Maybe…

Will it give you a renewed faith and help you to develop a relationship with God? I truly hope so!


4 Stars


And here is what Baker Publishing has to say about The First Time We Saw Him:

Scripture tells us that the words of Jesus made people uncomfortable, confused, angry, repentant, worshipful, and riotous.

Today, we read the words of Christ in a steady, even tone and find ourselves wondering if maybe we’re missing something. Could it be that we’ve lost the emotional power of Jesus’s words simply because we’re too familiar with them?

With incredible insight into the surprising and unsettling aspects of Jesus’s parables and life, Matt Mikalatos reimagines familiar stories and parables in a modern-day setting, bringing alive all the controversy and conflict inherent in the originals. Emotional, sometimes humorous, and even jaw-dropping, these stories raise provocative questions and offer a glimpse of Jesus as his contemporaries must have seen him.


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God Bless!


Happy Reading!

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