Introducing Rachel D. Muller and her DEBUT novel: “Letters From Grace”

First of all I would like to say that I congratulate Rachel Muller for making the decision to go Indie!

We live in an ever-changing world and the literature we love has to be able to flow and change with that world… and only the best writers know just how essential it is to be flexible!

Rachel Muller has written the novel of her heart. I know how that feels and I even feel as if I’ve been on part of this adventure with her.

I’ve watched as she blogged and hinted at the contents of this novel. I’ve read posts about her journey as an author and I applauded her decision to go Indie when the circumstances were not precisely what she wanted for her work.

Maybe authors today are making the choice to become independent because they want more control over their own work. They want to be the one who makes the tough decisions and I find that incredibly brave!

To read this work is to be transported to our own little piece of history.

Rachel did an incredible job researching her favorite period in history. I know I’ve enjoyed reading about where that research has taken her.

Letters From Grace is the first book in what is meant to be a series and I’m excited to see what is coming next!

Fair warning: this book is not for the faint of heart. The subject matter touches on one of the most difficult times in our country’s history and, though it does that very well, it is a difficult period to read about for many people.

But then war is never easy to read about…

The important part is that Rachel brings us this story, pulling us into a time long gone – reminding us why it is important to remember, why it is important to teach our children to remember.

I don’t know about you but I was never all that interested in history. If only all the events in history were put into novel form… I know I would enjoy it a lot more!


4 Stars


Here is a bit more about the book from GoodReads:

Is loving a man in uniform worth the risk?

Scarred from the death of her fiancé in World War II, Grace Campbell must learn to love again. Lieutenant Luke Brady could make falling in love easy…except he’s going to war. There’s one thing that can keep a thread tied between them—letters.

But the suave Dr. William Keller enchants Grace with his charm and proposes marriage. She must choose between them.

Will she settle for comfort and safety or risk losing everything on the Normandy beaches?


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