“Spirit of the Red Candle” by Betty Slade

Spirit of the Red Candle is a unique story – written in a well-researched voice.

There is so little about this particular woman in our beloved Bible, it must have taken painstaking research of the period and in-depth translations of the original texts to find enough information to do the story justice.

This is book one in The Scarlet Triangle series and Betty Slade has certainly found a good place to begin.

The exploration of our beloved Biblical persons has become quite popular lately and Betty picked a woman that many people have been intrigued by but were afraid to let anyone know.

I find it fascinating how well Betty has captured the supposed life events that would have led Mary Magdalene to become the woman we are familiar with.

I believe this is one of the reasons that Jesus spoke in parables and stories. He knew we needed that simple connection to truly understand his words and the meanings behind them.

Perhaps this is why I enjoy the New Testament more than the old. The writing, even aside from Jesus’ teachings, take on the more easily followed steps of a familiar tale or bedtime story.

I pray Betty finds many more “characters” to write about. It will certainly open up an entirely new way to look at the beloved Biblical persons we understand so little about.


4 Stars


Here is a bit more about the book from GoodReads:

In 2009, Betty Slade painted an oil of Mary Magdalene titled “Mary, Do not cling to Me.” She said that the eyes in this portrait haunted her and she felt Mary Magdalene had something to say.”I saw her pain and her yearning to tell me about her redemption. From a life snatched away in childhood to an unbearable demon possessed existence, she buried her inner self. She flaunted her pride and lost her dignity. When she came to herself she turned from the seduction of lies, blew out the red candle, and wrapped her soul in the promise of redemption.”

Mary Magdalene struggled with many of our present day issues. The answer she found was in plain sight. Love is the fulfillment of every soul and it comes in the morning light begging to be let in. History will do as it wishes. It confuses truth, compounds guilt, and shackles reality, but love is stronger than history.

Spirit of the Red Candle: Journal of Mary Magdalene is the first in The Scarlet Triangle Series. Mary Magdalene yearns to be free from the seven demons clutching her soul. Her journal chronicles her life in Magdala and her struggles to break free from demon possession. Mary Magdalene’s life unfolds from bondage into belonging.

From the Journal of Mary Magdalene:
The red stain of the pomegranate on our lips will linger through the night, but his words have been etched in my heart. I will travel with him. I will taste the strange new fruits from the lands he will show me. The chill of the wind cooled our mounting passion but not before I captured his heart.


Compelling isn’t it…


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