I LOVE finding New authors!!! | Do not miss Marta Perry’s NEW book: “The Forgiven” | Book 1 in her new “Keepers of the Promise” series!

What a WONDERFUL story! A page in and I was HOOKED! WOW!

Thank goodness we have every book of her Pleasant Valley novels! I won’t have to hunt them down to read them all. Of course we don’t have every book of hers but I’m going to be on the lookout!

And so should you!

Marta Perry is a masterful storyteller and she will pull you right in!

Wonderful story! Intriguing history! Excellent characters!

Just an all-around GREAT book!

Now I’m chomping at the bit to get my hands on the next one! LOL!

Susan Meissner nailed it when she said “Skillfully weaves the past and the present in a heart-stirring tale.”

DO NOT miss this book and do not miss any of her others! As delightful an author as Marta Perry is, I can not imagine even one of her books not being just as fantastic a read!

And it’s not just the writing I love. The very idea of someone storing up memories from the family’s past to share – well, not enough of us do that. And even among the ones who do, not enough of them get around to bringing the rest of the family in on their history.

And making the focus of the story an Amish family – perfect! Who better to show holding on to their precious family history!




A bit more about the story from Penguin:

When three women, all cousins, are given the task of sorting through the treasures of several generations of their Amish family, they each discover a story from the past that provides insights and inspiration for their own lives.

Central Pennsylvania, current day. Rebecca Fisher gladly accepted her husband Paul’s dreams as her own, but now that he has passed away, she’s struggling to raise two children and keep her home. Renting her stable to carpenter Matthew Byler offers a partial solution—even though Matthew has a troubled history, having sometimes failed to embrace Amish beliefs. As Matthew seeks to prove himself, Rebecca realizes how dependent she has become on others. Where can she find the courage to grow and change?

Lancaster County, 1941. As war threatens, Anna Esch pours her experiences into her diary. Her world seems to crumble as neighbors turn against the Amish and her love, Jacob, is sent to a camp far away for refusing to fight. She can’t know, as she grows from a girl into a woman during a time of trouble and grief, that one day another Amish woman will gain strength from the words she writes and will learn that she, too, can become a keeper of the promise.



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I was blessed to be able to review an ARC of this book – provided by the author.

Any opinions are my own and 100% true!

Happy Reading



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