(CLOSED) A Review of “A Love Undone” by Cindy Woodsmall! | And a GIVEAWAY

I do believe Cindy Woodsmall has another hit on her hands!


I started reading A Love Undone and before I knew it I was 3 chapters in!

The story captured me completely, which is precisely why I love Cindy’s writing style.

I will say this… when you begin reading, you never see tragedy coming.

If you read the blurb on the back of the book, you know something is coming – you may not know what or when but you know something… is coming.

But you will never see it coming!

You start reading and you’re immediately pulled in to the story and when tragedy does strike, you are completely unprepared for it.

I’m telling you, it will hit you like a ton of bricks.

And that is only one thing that makes this such a well-written book!

You get to experience the shock with the characters – you get to feel the same pain right along with them. You can’t close yourself off to it because you are completely and totally shocked… just like they are.

The characters are the next best thing about this story.

There is always such depth to Cindy’s characters, you truly feel as if you know them each personally – even secondary characters. You will love them, you’ll feel their pain and their joy, and you’ll find yourself in their shoes – trying to live with the choices they’ve made.

I believe that is one of the things that makes Cindy Woodsmall such an excellent writer. She puts depth and detail into her stories without going on and on. She excels at using the story itself to show you who the characters are and what they’re going through.


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Here is that back cover blurb I was talking about…

At nineteen years old, Old Order Amish Jolene Keim was on the brink of happily-ever-after when everything changed, stealing the future she expected and burdening her with an unbearable decision. For the next ten years, Jolene throws herself into family life—and then she meets Andy Fisher. The horse trainer and father to a sweet nine year-old challenges her and holds up a mirror to issues Jolene has been unwilling to face.

Andy is cautious about his deepening friendship with Jolene, but he believes she knows the truth about him – that he is a grass widower. As a man whose wife has abandoned him six years past, he is unable to divorce or remarry according to the Amish ways. Andy has wrestled with God concerning his reality, and he had found peace with the solitary future facing him…until he met Jolene.

As Andy and Jolene find themselves confronted by difficult choices, will they trust in God’s guidance—or will the allure of their deepening friendship only lead to further temptation?



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I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from the Blogging for Books reviewer program by WaterBrook Multnomah.

The copy that was given away – I purchased in order to support Cindy Woodsmall!


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7 thoughts on “(CLOSED) A Review of “A Love Undone” by Cindy Woodsmall! | And a GIVEAWAY

  1. First of all, I love all the books I have read of Cindy Woodsmall. I always think that when we get sick for a while or end up in the hospital, God is giving us a wake-up call. I got mine 22 years ago when I met a tractor trailer truck in an underpass that was not big enough for both of us. My vehicle went under the truck but richoted off the truck’s tire. Both of my children and I were injured, but that invisible angel pushed us away from the accident. I know that was God’s mercy on us, and my wake-up was discovering that my children’s lives were dependent on my choices. I was a teacher, and one of my parents told me that her child learned to buckle that seatbelt without arguing.

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  2. I have enjoyed reading many of Cndy Woodsmalll books. One of my favorite book would be
    The Hope of Refuge. It is so hard to choose.. She has so many great books out there. What I love most about Cindy Woodsmall writings she gets your attention right away. she keep your mind to keep on reading on where it hard to put it down.. Love her characters and the places she picks for her story line. I feel like I’m there with them in the book..

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