I LOVE finding New authors!!! | Do not miss the third book in Martha Rogers (The Homeward Journey) series : “Love Never Fails”


Martha Rogers has written a wonderful story!

And Love Never Fails could not be more aptly named.

This story is definitely not typical, even if we can see romance coming from a mile away…

As so often happens in real life, the couple who is unexpectedly thrown together, come to the table with opposite ideas and expectations – he thinking his military background and handsome uniform will draw the attention he hopes to gain from a pretty young woman he remembers, she thinking that the young man who teased her so many years ago has no grown up and might provide an interesting foil for what might otherwise be a somewhat tedious visit.

The results of their attraction and flirtation is anything but what they’re expecting.

It’s hard to tell if the historical details of this story or the romantic sizzle is the bigger draw… but one thing is clear; the story is intriguing and it will capture you attention immediately.

Martha also includes the wonderful message of God’s love within the story – and she does it without being preachy or heavy-handed. It is simply a part of their lives and their journey and that is not always an easy thing to do.

Well done Martha!

A very well-written book. And now I find myself eager to find more books by Martha Rogers!

I LOVE finding new authors!




A bit more about Love Never Fails:

At odds over their beliefs and separated by the war, Molly and Stefan must learn to depend of God.

In book three of the Homeward Journey series, Manfred and Sallie Whiteman’s daughter Molly finishes school and returns to her home to teach. When old friends of her parents come for a visit with their son, Stefan, Molly is attracted to the young man, but all he is interested in is talking about his position in the army. When he leaves to rejoin his regiment, Molly is both relieved and saddened.

Can they overcome their differences and find love?


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I was blessed to be able to review an ARC of this book – provided by the author.

Any opinions are my own and 100% true!

Happy Reading



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