How I became a book reviewer and blogger…

YUP! She (Mom) is the reason I LOVE reading as much as I do!

She is also the reason I am the author I am today! Not only did she give me a true love of literature, she has been my cheerleader and… she has helped feed my book collection obsession!

By the way… this is only one third of the bookcase – and this is only the bookcases in our livingroom! We have more in every single room and there are still books packed away that we’ve not have room for. LOL!


I have enjoyed reading for as long as I can remember…


My parents bought me good, Christian fiction and non-fiction books to read when I was young; nothing seemed to bring me as much pleasure as opening a book and losing myself in it. When I grew up, I kept reading, mostly science fiction and romance novels, but many of these were not Christian-oriented. Eventually, I lost interest in those and returned to Christian fiction.

I began reading Amish fiction about three years ago; at the time I believed Amish fiction was a safe choice, with high standards. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a few that don’t quite fit the standards I recommend; I try to stay away from them.

I would visit the public library several times a week and watch for new titles. I reserved books online and when I went by to pick them up I would return the…

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