“Trading Secrets” by Melody Carlson

We need more books like this!

Teens today need better role models – role models like the ones in Melody Carlson’s books!

No, they’re not perfect… but who is! At least there is a strong moral to Melody’s story.

One of which is that it’s never a good idea to tell a lie.


Having an Amish pen pal has really gained  popularity in recent years  and it’s really exciting to read about such a unique experience.

Ironically, I recently had a similar experience myself – several people made the comment that they thought “JC” was a man… which is why I’ve now posted my picture – to be certain everyone knows I am not, in fact, a man.

And don’t you want to know what happens with Micah and her pen pal when he finds out she is also not a boy…?

It’s great fun!

Not a story to be missed! And so exciting that I have a wonderful book that I can pass on to my daughter in a few years – I say a few years because she’s only 8 at the moment – although now that I think about it, she could probably handle it now because she’s incredibly mature for her age. And she LOVES to read!

Just as I know you will LOVE to read this book!

And now I am going to go in search of more books by Melody Carlson!



More from Revell/Baker Publishing about Trading Secrets:

The truth may set you free–but it might also land you in some uncomfortably hot water.

Over the years, Micah Knight has exchanged many letters–and many secrets–with her longtime Amish pen pal, Zach. But Micah’s kept quiet on the biggest secret of all–the fact that despite her name, she’s a girl.

Now Micah finally has the chance to meet her pen pal face-to-face. She wants nothing more than to experience life on Zach’s Amish farm, but she’s more than a little anxious. Will he be angry at her for deceiving him all these years? And will she risk losing his friendship to find something more?



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