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There seems to be quite a bit of disagreement about this book… most people love it but at least two reviews I’ve read were clearly not impressed.

I think a good part of the problem with some judgments might be similar to what we see from fans of historical fiction – readers who are familiar with one specific community expect every book to be the same and that’s just not how it works.

Personally, I think the book is written as well as the last book of Beth Shriver’s I read.

No, every Amish fiction story is not the same. Life would be awfully boring if that were the case – but Beth Shriver writes an interesting story about Clara and the community she is a part of.

Clara’s Wish is a heartwarming Christmas read and a sweet story about friends coming together to give a wonderful gift to a dear friend.



More from Zondervan about Love at Mistletoe Inn:

In this Amish Christmas romance, Lizzy Ryder discovers that this holiday season could be her best friend’s last. Will she find the comfort and love she desperately needs?

Lizzy Ryder is looking for an upstanding, hard-working, God-fearing gentleman—everything that Zachariah Schrock is not!

But when Zach’s sister and Lizzy’s best friend, Clara, takes ill, they come together to give her a Christmas she’ll never forget. As Clara’s condition worsens, will they learn to lean on God and each other?



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