Maggie’s Mission by Rachel Muller | Book 2 in the Love & War series

Rachel and I were chatting the other day and she laughingly told me she went on about her book on purpose – it was all part of her devious plan to get me to read it and like it and become completely and totally obsessed with WWII fiction!

Well… she missed the first bit. One of her mentors, Sarah Sundin beat her to it – as in I read Sarah’s book before I read Rachel’s. And after that yes, I was hooked!

But if Rachel had not talked up the genre, I would most likely have never even looked twice at Sarah’s so she was still responsible for getting me hooked on the genre.

And of course I had to read Rachel’s first book – Letters From Grace – which I reviewed last year and you can read that review HERE if you wish.

But after reading Letters From Grace, I was itching to get to the next book!

And Maggie’s Mission is JUST as wonderful as her first book!

Yes, the subject matter is a bit tough to read about but it’s REAL! Rachel writes about WWII as if she lived through it. You would never know she was not right there with her characters as they lived through the great war!


My mother described it by saying the genre had gotten into her bloodand we are not the only two. Rachel has made impressive sales and garnered attention from some unexpected media sources.

I am still very much in awe of how well Rachel has done with her venture into self-publishing and I’m laughing at the publishers who have passed up this amazing book in a series that is getting some very impressive attention.



There is no way I’m spoiling this book for you but I will say this – fans of WWII fiction, READ IT! And if you’re not a fan, give it a chance. I’m betting you will be by the time you reach the last page!



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If you still need convincing – Here is a brief synopsis from Goodreads:

A buried vow and a broken past meet face to face on enemy territory…

Lieutenant Maggie Johnson has had to overcome many obstacles in her life, including her parents’ disapproval of her enlistment in the Army Nurse Corps and the sudden death of her GI boyfriend, Danny Russo. A sudden blow that forced her to leave behind a promise once made.

But Germany introduces more hurdles that hinder her life. Like Army nurse lieutenant, Peggy Blizzard-a woman as cold as her name. While trying to avoid a war breaking out within her own barracks, Maggie pushes through Germany’s harsh winter, and Peggy’s cold shoulder, and aims to do her job-saving lives.

But when tragedy strikes the field hospital, it’s Maggie’s life that needs saving instead. Maggie’s harrowing rescue will haunt her for months to come when a ruggedly handsome soldier comes to her aid and resembles the face of a man she once loved . . . a man who is dead.

Is war playing mind games with Maggie, or is she facing the ghosts of her past?


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