Adventures in Amy Clipston’s Bakery Bunch

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I just LOVE Amy’s book! She is such a talented author!

OK… Are you wondering yet – What exactly a Bakery Bunch is…?

Well, The Bakery Bunch is what Amy Clipston has named her street team.

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As a member of Amy’s Bakery Bunch – I sometimes get to read her new books early, I get advance news of special things coming up, I get notified every time her books or eBooks are on sale, and I get to tell everyone that I’m part of a special group hand-picked by Amy herself! (not to mention the cool swag that comes along with it – free books, bookmarks to go in the books, cute luggage tags, great pens, an awesome cup and this terrific bag that has the added bonus of being my absolute favorite color!)


Yup… see that book – it’s an Advance Reading Copy! AWESOME!

One of the fun ideas Amy and her fearless sidekick Jamie have come up with was this post. All across the web, Bakery Bunchers are posting pics of their awesome swag, how they are using it in their everyday lives and how they are passing it on to other fans of Amy’s AWESOME books!

This is a picture of what I am including in my current giveaway - which ends tomorrow!
This is a picture of what I included in a recent giveaway!

Along this journey we get to visit bookstores (and is there one of us who can visit a bookstore without buying more FANTASTIC books?)


Shameless plug: You can find Amy’s books at your local Lifeway… (Yes, that IS one of Amy’s bookmarks you see in the book… wonder who could have done that… hmmm)


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Some of us also visited local libraries to pass out swag which is kind of like a trial bookstore – Yes it’s a cold day… it’s January.


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My daughter had to get in on the act for this one… she just LOVES pushing that shopping cart!

And hey – these awesome tumblers come in handy!

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OK… OK… I had to make this one a little different – I don’t travel much.

Isn’t Amy just the greatest! I know I think so!

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Happy Reading!

God Bless!


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