A look back | Romance on the River – a FREE prequel in Mary Ellis’ series – “Civil War Heroines!”

Romance on the River

I said it before and I’ll say it again…

Mary Ellis is a genius!

This eBook was JUST enough to get me excited about a book that I had not previously intended to read.

had never been a fan of Civil War era romance, or for anything about the Civil War era, in fact… until I read Mary’s ebook – Romance on the River

After reading this tantalizing tome, I simply had to read the book that followed!

It doesn’t matter how short the story is, it is expertly written! Mary gives you just enough information to make you want to move right on to The Quaker and the Rebel!

I am thrilled that more and more authors realize how much their readers enjoy these extra looks into the story! They can’t possibly put absolutely everything into the main book or each one would be 1,000 pages and readers just don’t have the patience for that.

Which is what makes these extra stories so perfect – it gives us a bonus story that otherwise we would miss.

And it doesn’t hurt that it makes some readers who wouldn’t otherwise consider the book – excited to read it!

So… don’t miss it – especially since it’s FREE!

You can download this short prequel on a number of eBook retailer sites and I have linked as many of them as I could find. Nearly all of them support an app or a reading program that will work on your e-reader, tablet, phone or even your computer.

Happy hunting!




A peek inside from GoodReads:

This short story prequel by bestselling author Mary Ellis provides an early glimpse into the life of Quaker Emily Harrison. Laced with humor and a sweet love story, this bonus material also contains the first chapter of Emily’s continuing journey in The Quaker and the Rebel, Book 1 of the Civil War Heroines series.

Summer 1861—Emily Harrison is finding life a bit overwhelming. Alone on her family’s farm, she must take on the roles of both housekeeper and farmer. She cares for the garden, makes plans for planting the fields, and milks the cows, all the while creating havoc in the home her mother used to keep immaculate. That is in addition to providing a safe house as part of the Underground Railroad.

In the midst of this whirlpool of swirling tasks, she is getting ready to greet very important dinner guests—the love of her life and her pastor and his wife. Will Matthew finally propose? What news does Reverend Ames bring that turns Emily’s world upside down? How does the new war between the North and South impact her life? And…will the goose be cooked in time


Intrigued yet?

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Happy Reading



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