Holding a Tender Heart by Jerry Eicher | The Beiler Sisters #1

This has been a tough series for me. I have been hesitant for some time to actually read Jerry Eicher’s books because I see what a mess they make of my mother – who doesn’t shed a single tear anymore at scenes that rip me to absolute shreds…

Well, Harvest House sent me the third book in this series to review so of course, I had to check out the first two books.

Holding a Tender Heart is the first book in the Beiler Sisters series.

Jerry Eicher grew up in the Amish faith – which gives him quite a unique perspective for his stories.

My mother said in her review:

I like that Jerry lets you see these people as real people. Even the people who are too strict, by our own standards, are clearly only doing what they feel is right in the eyes of God and their church.

And that is the absolute truth. Many Authors of Amish fiction write sweet, pretty, romantic stories. There are hardships in some of them but most of the time, they are simple things… or the hardships are things we only see in the aftermath.

But with Jerry’s books, you see the down and dirty and the absolute worst of what a trial does to the characters.

And while it does – yes, make them believable and realistic in a way that you don’t typically see in a lot of other books, it also makes the stories more difficult to read… especially if you are  very tender-hearted person.

Nevertheless, there is something different… special… extraordinary about Jerry Eicher’s novels. He has been quite blessed in his writing and his books continue to top the charts.

And I hope they continue to do so because, whether I can handle the flood of emotions they bring or not, readers love the stories that Jerry continues to bring to life through his characters and their real-life struggles.

BRAVO Jerry Eicher!

4 Stars
(It gets 4 stars ONLY because this is NOT a book I will be reading over and over again – don’t get me wrong… it’s worth 5 stars but I just can’t see myself picking it up again anytime soon)


Here is a brief synopsis from Harvest House Publishers:

From the pen of bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher (half a million books sold) comes a charming new series set in Snyder County, Pennsylvania.

Debbie Watson is a young Englisha girl who has grown up admiring her Amish friends, the Beiler sisters.  As she prepares to graduate from college, Debbie considers making the life-changing decision to convert to the Amish faith and lifestyle.

Soon Debbie’s presence in the community attracts the attention of two suitors: Alvin Knepp, the youngest son of a poor Amish farmer, to whom Debbie is very much attracted; and Paul Wagler, the more successful and sought-after man, whose constant attention to Debbie reminds her of her old Englishaboyfriend—whom she’d rather forget.

Jerry Eicher’s many fans and readers of Amish fiction will love this heartwarming new series from a master storyteller.

Over the next three days, I will be reviewing each book in this series:

Holding a Tender HeartSeeing Your Face AgainFinding Love At Home

In the meantime, you can click the links below to find more info on this first book:






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