Finding Love At Home by Jerry Eicher | The Beiler Sisters #3

This has been a tough series for me. As you know, I have been hesitant for some time to actually read Jerry Eicher’s books but I finally relented after receiving this book from Harvest House to review.

Finding Love at Home is the third book in the Beiler Sisters series.

I don’t think it’s too repetitive to mention how Jerry writes such amazing, true-to-life Amish stories – because he grew up in the Amish faith.

This would give him a unique perspective that most authors who write Amish fiction just can’t reach.

I have seen this perspective – the influence from such a lifestyle – in every one of his books.

It’s also possible that a man’s point-of-view would be different from a woman’s – I think this adds a realistic outlook to the harsh reality of his stories. Yet this is very easy to picture when I think of the Amish lifestyle – it’s much harsher than the soft lives most people enjoy.

But oh, how I am beginning to love reading these stories… I lose myself in them – every time!

The characters portrayed in this story are comfortable friends to me now… and although I was hoping for something different – wow, I was blindsided again – everything worked out for the best. I dare not say more, so you can enjoy the book.

Do not miss this book or the rest of the books in this series.

OK… yes, this one gets 5 stars too. I may have to go back and give the first one 5 stars too…


Here is a brief synopsis from Harvest House Publishers:

From bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher, here’s another charming book about life among the Plain People.

All Debbie Watson wanted to do was join the Amish and live a simpler life. But when she moved in with her Amish neighbors, the Beiler family, she had no idea the turmoil that lay ahead.

As this final book in The Beiler Sisters series opens, Debbie is poised to marry Alvin Knepp, the Amish farmer she’s loved all along. Ida Beiler is recovering from the tragic loss of her husband-to-be in a farming accident, while her younger sister, Lois, is still running away from her faith.
Debbie takes it all in stride as she brings calm to the sorrowing Beiler family while finding happiness with the young man of her dreams.

Book 3 in The Beiler Sisters series

A recap of the three books in this series:

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