“The Love Letters” – A Wonderful NEW Stand alone novel by Beverly Lewis


Has Beverly Lewis ever written a book that wasn’t just AWESOME…

I don’t think so!

Beverly Lewis have written another amazing book – one that I will read and re-read for years to come.

Beverly Lewis has an amazing talent for tackling tough subjects.

She tells us a phenomenal story about something that is very much an every-day type occurrence – but she does it in such a way that takes that ordinary story to the extraordinary.

What begins as a favor to her parents, turns into something else entirely when Marlena must care for her sister’s child while she is in the hospital.

All the little twists and turns and inside-outs you would never expect from what sounds simple at the start, are what make Beverly Lewis such a masterful storyteller!

READ IT! You won’t be sorry!




What Baker Publishing has to say about “Love Letters” 

Marlena needed time to let things sink in. It was beyond her how all this could possibly work out–adding the care of an infant to her daily routine. Fortunately, it would just be until Luella returned home from the hospital and was stronger.

No more than a couple weeks, surely…

Marlena Wenger’s life takes an unexpected turn on the day she learns she must care for her estranged sister’s baby. Spending the summer in Brownstown, Pennsylvania, to assist her Mennonite grandmother, and miles from Marlena’s Old Order Amish beau, she feels out of her element in nearly every respect. Yet Marlena determines to do her best and stay focused on her future, even as those hopes become drastically altered.



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