“Siren’s Fury” – now I have to go back and read book 1

OK… if you had asked me a year ago (actually… more like two at this point) if this was considered Christian fiction, I probably would have said “Huh…that’s really a thing?”, but as I’m reading more and more in the genre, I’m discovering that Christian Speculative fiction has spread its influence far and wide.

And Siren’s Fury is a prime example of that!

It’s an intriguing read and one I think most teens wold enjoy.

Interesting also; to think that you can find God’s plan – in a fictional story, about a girl who “shouldn’t” exist, in a magical land at war.

And inspiring that Nym has found a way to be “good” and “help” with her elemental gift. With such power, it could easily have gone the other way. In fact, considering how much Nym detests her powers, it’s amazing that she sets off in search of a way to get them back… in order to save the day!

No, she’s not perfect – are any of us? Yes, the world around her is full of evil, despicable people – isn’t ours as well?

As far as the series goes, this kept the story going in a good way and has fans salivating for the next book!

Not necessarily a series I ever saw myself reading but I can’t say I’m sorry I picked it up! If you enjoy reading about magic and fantastical powers – have at it!

And it’s a clean read… especially by today’s standards. LOL!

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Here is a brief synopsis from Thomas Nelson

Nym risked her life to save Faelen, her homeland, from a losing war, only to discover that the shapeshifter Draewulf has stolen everything she holds dear. But when the repulsive monster robs Nym of her storm-summoning abilities as well, the beautiful Elemental realizes her war is only just beginning.

Now powerless to control the elements that once emboldened her, Nym stows away on an airship traveling to the metallic kingdom of Bron. She must stop Draewulf. But the horrors he’s brought to life and the secrets of Bron are more than Nym bargained for. Then the disturbing Lord Myles tempts her with new powers that could destroy the monster, and Nym must decide whether she can compromise in the name of good even if it costs her very soul.

As she navigates the stark industrial cityscape of Bron, Nym is faced with an impossible choice: change the future with one slice of a blade . . . or sacrifice the entire kingdom for the one thing her heart just can’t let go.


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