“Harvest Festival” | Newest installment in the wonderful series that has been continued by the talented Mike Berenstain!

OK… before I get started, I just have to mention this CRAZY article I ran across about a week ago. No, before you go read it, be WARNED – it’s not 100% clean and the comments are worse… LINK

The article postulates that we are living in an alternate dimension… I know it sounds more like science fiction than reality but the hook was this: The article’s author claims they remember The Berenstain Bears being the Berenstein Bears.

Funny thing is; I do too! In fact, I can remember asking my mother if it was pronounced “stane” or “stine“. I had an unfortunate experience in elementary school involving a character named “Ace”. I won’t go into the whole painful thing here but I’m sure you get the idea… That incident is seared into my memory by association.

What does this have to do with my review? Nothing. It’s just an intriguing puzzle – one that will most likely never be solved because for every group that remembers “ei”, there are just as many who remember “ai”… and just as many who never read the books so they have no idea.
Now that we’ve had our twilight zone moment for the day…

I still remember reading these wonderful books when I was a kid… of course that was when Stan & Jan were writing them.

And it is so wonderful to have this amazing series continuing so I can share the stories with my own children.

Harvest Festival is a wonderful story about the TRUE meaning of Thankfulness – something we should ALL be reminded of. So it’s a great book for children AND their parents.

Bless you Mike, for having the courage to present wholesome and Biblical stories that kids will enjoy for many years! And hopefully, share with their own children!

Don’t miss this book. And be on the lookout for more from Mike Berenstain! I know I will!


Mike Berenstain continues a beloved series with – Harvest Festival! Don’t miss it!Tweet this!


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More about this wonderful book from ZonderKids:

 “You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and the folks of Bear Country are looking forward to everything the season brings. So when the Chapel in the Woods holds its first ever Harvest Festival, people gather at Farmer Ben’s for a wonderful time of family, friends, fun, and praising God for his gifts.

Join the Bear family as they attend the first ever Chapel in the Woods Harvest Festival in this newest addition to the Berenstain Bears Living Lights series, The Berenstain Bears Harvest Festival. With fun activities like apple picking and hay rides, this is sure to be a great way for the Bears to spend time together!

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I was blessed to receive a copy of this free in exchange for an honest review!