My review of “An Amish Christmas Gift” by Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid, and Kelly Irvin

OK… just look at the cover and tell me you don’t want to read this book!

You can’t… can you?

I knew it!

I have been anxiously awaiting this one! Chomping at the bit actually!


Since you just read my review for Kelly Irvin’s latest in the Amish of Bee County – I’m going to start there!

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

And – OH the irony… NEVERMIND! Forget I said that! There’s absolutely nothing ironic about that.

On to the story.

As with the story in The Bishop’s Son, our heroine has some tough decisions ahead of her. And like most Amish stories, her well-meaning family are doing everything they can to be “supportive”.

And by supportive, I mean they want to make sure Frannie understands just how important it is that she make the “right” decision.

Reading about the blazing heat of Texas might not be what you have in mind for a Christmas book but it’s well worth the read! And it just might help warm you up on those crazy cold nights… unless you live in Texas that is.

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

I can’t help feeling a bit of a kinship with Naomi – unlucky in love… picking the wrong guy… twice… feeling like all hope is lost…

Granted, I’m not 24 anymore and I have two children of my own already, but there are so many little things about Naomi and her lot in life that remind me of myself.

I think a lot of readers will find the same true of themselves. We all have to deal with disappointments and disaster where love is concerned.


And now I have to apologize to Kelly and Any because, once again, Ruth has stolen the show!

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid is THE BEST story in the book (in my humble opinion).



I picked up the story and COULD NOT put it down! Gabby Abby and Micah butt heads and rub each other the wrong way constantly.

Like the other two novellas, Abigail is certain she’s not destined for love or marriage. She has an idea that she can gain some independence at least and make some sort of happiness for herself with her own horse.

Like every other guy in the district, Micah has no patience for Abigail’s “gift of gab” but soon he – NO! I’m not going to tell you. Just trust me. Read it!


Yes! I whipped out the candy canes already! Can you think of anything else to rate these GREAT stories with…


More from Thomas Nelson about An Amish Christmas Gift:

Naomi’s Gift by Amy Clipston

Naomi has started to think that she isn’t meant to find love, but she might receive more than she ever hoped for this Christmas.

Twenty-four-year-old Naomi King, who has been burned twice by love, has all but given up on marriage and children. As Christmas approaches a time of family, faith, and hope for many others Naomi is more certain than ever her life will be spent as an old maid, helping with the family s quilting business and taking care of her eight siblings. Then she meets Caleb, a young widower with a 7-year-old daughter, and her world is once again turned upside-down.

An Unexpected Joy by Ruth Reid

Abigail has driven other suitors away, but can Micah find a way to show her he cares?

Abigail Kemp has managed to frighten off every bu who’s ever driven her home from a singing. Sure she will live to be an old maid, Abigail starts saving her money to buy a horse so she can at least have some independence.

Micah Zook is looking for a caregiver for his grandmother, and Abigail needs a new job. He never expected that Abigail would talk so much . . . or that his grandmother would keep finding ways to set the two of them up.

Despite Abigail’s constant chatter, she and Micah become friends until Micah makes a decision that leaves Abigail feeling betrayed. With Christmas in their midst, can Micah find a way to reconcile with Abigail and to reveal what’s on his heart?

A Christmas Visitor by Kelly Irvin

Frannie Mast returns to Bee County for Christmas, but her heart stays back in Missouri with an Englisch farm boy.

Frannie knows her parents have the best of intentions when they send her back to Bee County, Texas, to live with her aunt Abigail and her husband Mordecai. After all, she knows nothing can come of a relationship with Rocky, the handsome but Englisch farmer boy back in Missouri. It’s best to put those feelings aside, no matter how hard it is. But all bets are off when Rocky follows Frannie to Texas to plead his case. Could he be the Christmas gift to end all gifts?”



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