What makes a good book reviewer?

I want to be a good book reviewer! I really do!


I’m beginning to wonder if reviewers know… or care!

I began writing reviews to help me grow as an author, but it’s discouraging to read other reviews where whole paragraphs have been taken from my review blog… even though these same reviewers usually write less than 100 words, including sentences from the book blurb!

Obviously a good reviewer doesn’t steal from another reviewer

Yet these reviewers have many more followers because they post nearly every day… and sometimes several times in one day. This also allows them to review many more books than me.

One reviewer mentioned reading a book that is a size of a “Love Inspired” book and how she read it in just one day — I read the same book in two hours! So how does this person review 2-3 books in one day, if reading just one of the shorter books takes a whole day?

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