I think it’s only fair to warn you – I only read (not to mention review) CLEAN books!

I read and review A LOT of Amish fiction but I also read Speculative fiction, Historical fiction, Contemporary romance and even some select non-fiction – most of which are also classified as Christian or Inspirational.

I enjoy writing reviews about books I love. I do occasionally write a review for a book I do NOT enjoy but I believe in coating criticism with two layers of praise so even when I don’t enjoy it, I look for something great about it (and I always find several things) because every reader is different and each person enjoys different books!

I try to focus on the positive in my life and in my reviews!

I also DO NOT include spoilers in my reviews. I stick to what is in the back cover blurb and anything the author has posted/released.

I hope that I can help you to discover some new books to read!





For the last couple of months, I have working on an AMAZING new series!
(you can find out more about that HERE)

I hope you’ll all join me as I travel this new road!

And to that end… just FYI… I will be reviewing less and less often. I DO NOT plan to stop sharing my thoughts with you about the books I read, but I will be cutting down on how many books I read review each month as I shift gears and work on my own novels… and helping out author friends with promotion and endorsements.



~ JC Morrows


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